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The Classical CD Ripper

A better way to rip Classical music CDs! It's precise and accurate, generating perfect copies of your precious CDs, providing you with an excellent way to transition from physical musical media to the digital world.


There are a lot of CD rippers out there, but CCDR has the following features which makes it especially useful to the fan of Classical music:

  • CCDR will not fetch masses of rubbish metadata about your CD from online repositories
  • It will only rip to lossless FLAC files, preserving the entire audio signal
  • It rips carefully and correctly, with speed not being a priority
  • Its rips are verifiably accurate, with hash values for the audio signal being generated by default
  • You can rip just a part of a CD, specifying the track numbers uniquely for each part -handy for when one CD contains two different symphonies or multiple concerti, for example

Obtaining and Using CCDR?

Simply download the software from: here and save it to your Downloads directory. It's basically a shell script that invokes a bunch of other software in a properly-orchestrated manner (pun intended!). You are welcome to open it in a text editor to inspect its contents, to make sure it's not going to do anything unpleasant or unwanted.

Once downloaded, simply make it executable:

chmod +x

Then, with an audio CD in your optical disk drive, invoke it:


You could also do:

sudo mv /usr/bin

…in which case, you can invoke it simply by typing (because it's now in your PATH and therefore needn't be prefixed by the “./” characters).

The script will check for various software dependencies, evaluate your CD or DVD drive for accuracy, prompt you to supply a bit of information about the CD and then do it's ripping thing. All files will be output somewhere within your $HOME/Music directory (the name of the CD you supply being used as the sub-directory name).


A list of common questions and answers about the software can be found here.


CCDR was devised and written by Howard Rogers ([email protected]).


CCDR is copyright © Howard Rogers 2019, but is made available freely under the GPL v2.0 only. That license may be downloaded here.

Bugs Tracking, Feature Requests, Comments

There is no formal mechanism for reporting and tracking bugs, feature requests or general comments. But you are very welcome to email your comments to [email protected].

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