A Test Page

So here is my “bachtrans” table design:

Three columns: bwvno, german_text, english_text.

Here’s a piece of data entered into that table:

So, bwvno=0082, and that has two columns of text associated with it.

In the Data Publisher, I set up a new publication as follows:

So publication 22 selects all columns from the table, displays all columns, has no WHERE clause specified, and is doing nothing in the advanced table options.

On a test page (see https://absolutelybaching.com/cantata-bwv-82testing/), I use this shortcode:

So that should be pulling data via publication 22, filtering for bwvno=0082. Here’s the result:

No data available for some reason.

Now, I’ve modified the shortcode to include single quotes around the field value (i.e.:

[ wpdataaccess pub_id=”22″ filter_field_name=”bwvno” filter_field_value=”‘0082′” ]

And to have wildcard capability:

[ wpdataaccess pub_id=”22″ filter_field_name=”bwvno” filter_field_value=”%0082%” ]

And to do both:

[ wpdataaccess pub_id=”22″ filter_field_name=”bwvno” filter_field_value=”‘%0082%'” ]

…but the result is the same in all cases: no rows returned, when there is definitely a row in the underlying table for bwvno=’0082’:

MariaDB [wordpress]> select german_text from bachtrans where bwvno='0082';
| german_text |
| Here we type lines
that do not end with a br code
Does the thing display
Properly as a 5-line
poem or not? |
1 row in set (0.000 sec)

So what am I doing wrong?

I have also tried:

[ wpdataaccess table=”bachtrans” filter_field_name=”bwvno” filter_field_value=”0082″ ]

…so, avoiding the publication and using the table directly, but it still fetches no actual data on the web page.

Does the new filter_field_value parameter require text field values to be encased within single quotes, within the double-quotes, or not?

Can the filter_field_value parameter take the ‘%’ wildcard?

Thank you!