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Domenico Scarlatti’s Keyboard Sonatas 12
Scott Ross (harpsichord)
Duration: 00:39:05

A new purchase, and an interesting tagging problem: when confronted with 555 ‘little’ compositions that, en masse, represent a substantial body of work, do you tag things as 555 separate compositions? Or as 34 ‘compilations’ (given that this collection comes on 34 separate CDs)? Or as 1 ‘giant collection’ (given that they are a generally coherent and cohesive collection of pieces)? I shall blog about this shortly: for now, the clue is in the composition name above: no, this is not a specific sonata. No it’s not ‘Keyboard Sonatas’ in the complete aggregate… but it’s something in between. Broadly speaking, the tagging determinant is ‘how much harpsichord can you take in one sitting’! As I say, keep your eyes peeled for a blog piece on the matter… (Update: It’s here!)