A Catalogue of the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The following table lists all currently known works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, along with their assigned ‘Köchel’ (or ‘K’) numbers which are pretty much universally used to identify specific pieces (these are K numbers, from the 1964 edition of the catalogue, the most recent available). I’ve padded the K numbers with leading zeroes so they sort correctly. I’ve also introduced new ‘Dizwell’ (or ‘DZ’) numbers of my own devising, and each known Mozart work can thus be identified by either K or DZ number at will. DZ numbers and their purpose are explained in detail here; they are the default way that the entire catalogue is now sorted -but by clicking the headings of any of the other columns, different sort orders are possible at will.

Click on the green ‘+’ sign at the beginning of a row to reveal the incipit for that work (i.e., the opening bars of the work), plus an excerpt of that music. Getting all the incipits and excerpts loaded is quite an undertaking, of course, so don’t expect them to be present for most items in the table just yet: consider them a work in progress!

The entire table is searchable (for example, type ‘Figaro’ in the search box to find that specific opera without having to trawl through the entire table -though you could equally well type ’05___’ (that’s three underscores at the end there, representing ‘any other three characters’) to filter for all DZ numbers that start 05, since the ’05’ section of the DZ numbers is all about operas). The ‘owned’ column is there simply to remind me whether I own a recording of that work or not!

The separate thematic sections of this complete list are accessible from this page.

Dizwell N°.Köchel N°.NameKeyOwnedNotesIncipit:Excerpt:Date Composed:
Dizwell N°.Köchel N°.NameKeyOwnedNotesIncipit:Excerpt:Date Composed: