Semplice Version 1 - User Manual

Semplice is my new digital music management application (pronounced Sém-pl-chay!) It helps you apply metadata tags to FLACs; converts back-and-forth between various different digital media codecs; merges per-track FLACs into a single per-Composition superFLAC; splits superFLACs back into per-track FLACs; and allows a non-distorting volume boost to be applied to FLACs. It can even be used to launch Giocoso in Direct Play Mode, should you want to hear the FLACs you've been managing.

The links below take you to different parts of the user manual accompanying the Semplice software. I'd recommend reading the whole lot, of course; but if you're in a hurry, at least read Sections 2 and 3 (Installation and the Program Display sections).

  1. What is Semplice?
  2. Installing Semplice
  3. Introduction to the Semplice main program display
  4. Tagging
  5. superFLACs
  6. Volume Boosting
  7. The Persistent Configuration File
  8. Runtime Parameters