URL problem

So we start with this item in my Bach catalogue:

Note it’s item 0031, there’s some link text for it, but no URL as yet.

On the back-end, this is handled exactly as I’d hoped for:

It is now immediately apparent that item 0031 (and 0099 which similarly lacks a URL, but does have link text) are somehow different from the other items in the table. Items 0029 and 0030 appear blue -and clickable- because they do have URLs. But, happily, items 31 and 99 stand out as lacking a linkable URL. This is exactly as I had hoped it would be 🙂

Unfortunately, what happens on the front-end isn’t the same:

Notice that on the web page visible to the public, both items 0031 and 0099 appear in brown (or change to blue when hovered-over): they are still appearing as clickable items in the table, even though they should be displayed as plain text, because they lack the URL element that would make them true hyperlinks.

IE, whilst it’s now easy to spot un-linked items from linked ones on the backend, no such differentiation is visible on the front-end.