Alphonse d'Eve

Alphonse d'Eve was a fairly obscure composer, having been born in Brussels in 1666 and dying in 1727, in Antwerp. Since Belgium as such didn't exist until it was created by the Treaty of London in 1832, we must call him a 'Flemish' composer of the Baroque period. I'm afraid that I have not found any reliable portraits of him: that's how obscure he was (and what a cultural backwater Belgium was back in the 17th and 18th centuries... though, come to think of it, it's not exactly a roaringly-hot cultural centre of any great distinction even in the 21st!)

From the cataloguing/tagging point-of-view, it must be emphasised that the correct spelling is to use a lower-case ‘d’, followed by upper-case ‘E’: this is as per New Grove. There are  no prizes for guessing that has two entries for this composer… and both are wrong! (They both use an upper-case “D’Eve” formulation). Wikipedia at least gets the capitalisation correct, but insists on following it with a grave accent on the upper-case E (i.e., d’Ève), for which New Grove provides no support whatsoever (and no-one else does either, as far as I can tell). So: Alphonse d'Eve it must be, and don't let anyone try and substitute it for inferior spellings!


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