Music Summary - Since 9th January 2021

This data is updated every 15 minutes (at 0, 15, 30 and 45 minutes past the hour)

Duration of Plays by Composer (in Hours)

This page lists the same data ordered by duration

Top Fifteen Composers by Length of Plays (in Hours)

Music Plays by Genre

Play Counts per Year

(NB: A 'count' is of a complete work, not per-track;
see this page for an explanation of where the data from before 2021 comes from;
post-2021 data comes from Giocoso's own data store)

Proportion of Recordings not yet Played in Giocoso/AMP

(1000 day rolling window, plus 3rd June 2021, when this data began being collected;
graph updates once, at 11:58pm, each day;
percentages can go up because of new acquisitions)

Number of unique Recordings in the Collection, over time

(1000 day rolling window, starting November 11th 2021;
graph updates once, at 11:58pm, each day.
Upward movements indicate new acquisitions; Downwards indicates disposals!)

Time of Day and Count of Plays over the past 60 days

(60 day rolling window;
each segment represents one hour time segment.
Hover over segment to see hour:count-of-plays data.)

Current Ranking in Total Hours Played of each Composer

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