Giocoso Version 2 - User Manual

These links take you to the various sections of the Giocoso User Manual (which is no longer produced as a PDF download for ease-of-maintenance reasons!). If you are new to Giocoso, I'd strongly advise reading the whole lot in sequence; if you are in a hurry, at least read sections 4 and 5 (installation and play modes).

  1. What is Giocoso?
  2. What's New in Version 2.x?
  3. Giocoso's expectations about your music collection
  4. Installing Giocoso...
    1. ...on Linux
    2. ...on Windows 10
    3. ...on Windows 11
    4. ...on macOS
    5. ...on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)
    6. ...on Raspberry Pi (Manjaro)
  5. Giocoso Play Modes
    1. Using Direct Play Mode
    2. Using Database Play Mode
    3. Pausing, Halting, Autostopping, Skipping
  6. Changing the Program's Appearance
  7. Displaying Album Artwork
  8. Scrobbling
  9. Filtering and Selecting
  10. Reporting on Plays and Recordings
  11. Playing across a Network
  12. Multi-device support
  13. Changing Giocoso's appearance
  14. Summary of Runtime Parameters
  15. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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