Giocoso on Windows 11

If you read the article on getting Giocoso running on Windows 10, you'll appreciate that it all works on that platform because the Windows Subsystem for Linux allows us to run a full-fat Linux distro 'within' Windows, allowing Giocoso to run 'natively' as a Linux/Bash script. All that is required from the Windows side of things is to run an X Server to handle graphical display of album art and a PulseAudio server to receive the audio output from the Linux subsystem.

Windows 11 also includes the Windows Subsystem for Linux, so in theory it all ought to work on that operating system as effectively as it does on Windows 10. Microsoft has even improved matters in Windows 11 to allow the WSL distro to output video and audio directly to Windows -so no X or PulseAudio servers required.

Unfortunately, for this to work, you need to be running the latest graphical and audio drivers -which, on Windows 11 unsupported hardware, cannot be installed. (If you're running Windows 11 on officially supported hardware, you should have no problem in this regard -but I don't own any and therefore cannot test this!)

Now, you might think that if you are running Windows 11 on unsupported hardware, you'd just revert to the Windows 10 way of doing things: if you can't use the audio/graphical hardware directly, just install an X and PulseAudio server as before and run things indirectly. This indeed would be a great plan... and the X server installs and works flawlessly on unsupported hardware. Unfortunately, the PulseAudio server fails to run, because of security-hardening problems that I haven't yet resolved.

All of which is a long way of saying that I cannot yet run Giocoso on Windows 11 on the sort of hardware I've got available to me. The native support for audio/graphical output from WSL doesn't work for because the hardware is not on the approved list; the Windows 10 way of achieving audio output fails for unknown security hardening reasons.

At this time, therefore, Giocoso does not run on Windows 11.

I will keep the matter under review and if I can resolve the matter, I'll update this page with the relevant workarounds. For now, you are advised to keep using Windows 10 and run Giocoso in WSL2 on that; or to hack things yourself on a supported platform running Windows 11, in which case you're on your own and I can offer no help or support to you, since I simply don't have an equivalent platform to run things on. (If you'd like to donate supported hardware on which to develop Giocoso for Windows 11, please get in touch!)

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