Software Downloads

This site was developed with the idea of explaining what I consider to be the best techniques for organising, managing and (above all!) listening to a large, digital classical music collection. To help achieve these goals, I've written a number of software programs over the years -and there's an archive page where all the old, unmaintained stuff I've written remains available to download. Here, though, are the latest and greatest versions of the core programs I think you'll need to master a classical music collection:

  • Giocoso -to play music
  • Semplice -to tag, volume boost, merge and convert audio files
  • Niente - to make sure your digital music files are not becoming physically corrupt and continue to meet all logical tagging standards

Click on one of the icons to be taken to that program's 'product page', from which the software can be downloaded and its user manual found:

Giocoso - the Player

Link to old Version 2
Semplice - the Manager

Link to old Version 1
Niente - the Integrity Checker4

In addition, the Classical CD Ripper (CCDR) is still available from this link, though it is no longer being maintained.