Autopilot Scores

See this blog post for an explanation of Autopilot Scores and the way they work, but the short version is that Autopilot Scores are PDFs with added buttons that enhance the ability to navigate around the score when reading a full score on an electronic device of some kind, such as an Android tablet. Scores are available from each composer's 'home page' within the list of composers making up my recorded music collection: that is, visit the page for Gustav Holst and you'll find a link to his Autopilot Scores there; and the same is true for Beethoven, and so on. On this page, however, all scores are listed directly, by composer. More composers -and more scores- will be added here as work on producing them continues.

Anton Bruckner

Benjamin Britten

Edward Elgar

Gustav Holst

Ludwig van Beethoven

Maurice Ravel

Ralph Vaughan Williams