Niente Version 4 : The User Manual

Niente is a FLAC Integrity Checker, which can be used with digital classical music collections to check for both physical corruptions and logical inconsistencies. Other FLAC checkers exist, of course: but they tend to only be able to tell you whether a particular FLAC file is physically corrupted or not: they can't tell you that your recording YEAR tag is inconsistent with the date you show in your ALBUM tag, or that the performer mentioned in the ALBUM tag doesn't match that listed in the COMMENT tag. Only Niente can do these type of logical integrity checks, because it was designed to be in full compliance with, this website's view of how best to tag specifically classical music.

The other software available from this website also understands that tagging model completely, so they all complement each other perfectly: Semplice writes the correct tags into the correct places in the first place; Giocoso plays music and displays the right metadata as it does so because it knows how to read the correct tags. Niente rounds out the picture by checking your music files, making sure all your tags are consistent amongst themselves, whilst also ensuring that your music files remain in their pristine state, without silent bit-rot spoiling things! Niente runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows 10 and 11 and assorted operating systems running on the Raspberry Pi.

The links below take you to the various sections of the Niente User Manual, where you will find extensive documentation on how to install and use it.

If you are new to Niente, I'd strongly advise reading the whole thing, in sequence; if you are in a hurry, at least read sections 5 and 6 (Installing the program and the Quick Start Guide).

  1. What is Niente?
  2. Quick Guide to: FLAC Physical Corruption
  3. Quick Guide to: FLAC Logical Inconsistencies
  4. Upgrading from Niente from Version 3.x
  5. Installing Niente
  6. Niente - A Quick Start Guide
  7. Database Creation and Population
  8. Integrity Checks
  9. Reporting
  10. The Persistent Configuration File
  11. Runtime Parameters
  12. Changelog (What's New Since Version 4.00)
  13. Fix-up Scripts

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