Giocoso Version 3 - User Manual

These links take you to the various sections of the Giocoso User Manual. If you are new to Giocoso, I'd strongly advise reading the whole lot in sequence; if you are in a hurry, at least read Section 4 (installing the program on various operating systems/distros) and Sections 5-9 (where each of the program menus is explained in some detail).

Users familiar with earlier versions of Giocoso should at least read Section 2, which describes what's new in this version compared to earlier versions. Section 3 is also pretty essential for such users: it explains how Version 3 migrates a Version 2 database during the installation process and what might go wrong in that process, together with workarounds.

  1. What is Giocoso?
  2. What's New in Version 3?
  3. Upgrading from Version 2
  4. Operating System Support and Installing Giocoso
  5. The Play Music Menu
  6. The Database Management Menu
  7. The Reporting Menu
  8. The Administration Menu
  9. The Control Menu
  10. Visual Appearance Customisation
  11. Usability Tips and Techniques
  12. Troubleshooting
  13. Changelog

Please note that the previous release of Giocoso (and its documentation) remain available here, though it is no longer in development and won't be receiving any further updates or patches and you are accordingly not recommended to install it these days!

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