Installing Giocoso on Ubuntu 22 for Raspberry Pi

This is just a brief note to say that the installation of Giocoso version 2 on Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi is exactly the same as its installation on 'normal' Ubuntu -and, since I've documented that installation elsewhere, I'm not going to repeat myself now!

I will simply state here that there are zero surprises: there's quite a lot of packages that need to be installed to satisfy Giocoso's dependencies, but installing them all is hassle-free and merely requires following the instructions Giocoso itself supplies. After that, audio playback was fine (though I had to make sure audio was not directed to the headphone socket, but instead to the HDMI output that connected my Pi to my monitor). Database creation was perfectly standard and everything 'just worked'!

By way of evidence for this claim, here are a few quick screenshots!

1. Searching for music as part of database creation

2. Analyzing music files found during database creation

3. Final statistics from creating a database

4. Playing music in Database Play Mode

Note the CPU architecture being displayed in the lower left-hand corner terminal session.


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