Appendix A: Errata

In no particular order, here are things I know to be wrong with the documentation on the date that Giocoso version 2 went live. They will be fixed progressively, as time permits, but they were considered insignificant enough not to require a hold-up on the software release itself.

1. In the installation documentation for various distros, screenshots and the descriptive text all tend to show this sort of thing:

...where the important command to install necessary software prerequisites is highlighted in blue. For various technical reasons, that was changed quite late in the development phase (and therefore, after the screenshots had been taken!). At release date, this sort of screen will now appear in just one colour, but with the critical information highlighted in italics, like so:

On macOS, the italics don't show up, but that seems to be the only operating system affected in that way. In any case, regardless of operating system, the underlying functionality is no different than before: you still need to supply the software installation command as a single-line command, copied from the message that will display it on two or more separate lines. When time permits, new screenshots for all the Linux distros, Raspberry Pi distros, Windows 10 and 11 and macOS will be forthcoming... but I didn't want to hold up the release until they were all in place!

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