Christian Horneman

A rare case of me not paying the slightest attention to what the New Groves says about the man's name! He is listed there as "Christian Frederik Emil Horneman", as he is at and Wikipedia... but that is entirely a mouthful too many and plain old Christian will have to do in these parts! Curiously, he is almost always listed on CD booklets as 'C.F.E. Horneman', with no mention of his first name at all ...and I won't catalogue by a bunch of anonymous initials!

Anyway: Christian was a Danish composer, born 1840, died 1906; he was the son of another Danish composer (Emil... he seems only to have the one name from the get-go!). He went into the music publishing business with his father, in Copenhagen, during which time he would often produce anonymous arrangements of popular music. He turned to composing his own, attributed works from the 1860s onwards. His output, however, is not huge: two string quartets, quite a bit of incidental music, some songs and cantatas and an opera called Aladdin, which he spent 20 years composing.

Nielsen had some nice things to say about him: "He was the bright flame, the purifying fire in Danish music, doing away with everything artificial, insincere and false".

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