Grigori Frid

One of only a handful of composers that are not listed at all in my 1980 edition of the New Groves, despite the fact that he was born in Petrograd in 1915 and only died in 2012 -on his 97th birthday, as bad luck would have it. Not having a New Groves entry, I cannot appeal to authority regarding whether it is correct to use his patronymic or not (it happens to be 'Samuilowitsch'), so I've simply chosen to catalogue him in the simplest, shortest manner -i.e., without the patronymic.

His output is extensive and was broadly 'Soviet realist' before the 1960s and increasingly atonal afterwards. He is primarily known as the composer of three symphonies and two chamber operas (one about the diary of Anne Frank and another about the letters exchanged between Vincent van Gough and his brother Theo).



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