Aram Ilich Khachaturian

If you use ‘Aram Khacturian’, you are not wrong. But Last.FM will auto-translate that to Արամ Խաչատրյան, which is handy if you’re Armenian, but annoying if you are not. I add the ‘Ilich’ patronymic to my rendering of his name so that it won’t match’s records and will thus be recorded there as an English-language version of his name. As it happens, the New Grove does insist on the three-word form of his name (making incorrect, and not for the first -nor last!- time), but peculiarly decides to spell the patronymic as “Il’yich”. The apostrophe is perverse in my view: it’s probably attempting to indicate that you stress the first syllable, but I don’t think going around adding extra apostrophes that aren’t in the original is a good excuse for doing this! Moreover, though Aram was Armenian and not Russian, in Russian his patronymic is spelled Ильич and as far as my spoken Russian is concerned, the vowel и is pronounced as very short ‘ee’, with no preceding “ye” sound. That is, I think the English transliteration should be Ill-itch, not Ill-yitch. On this occasion, the gist of New Grove seems fair enough, but the specifics seem all kinds of wrong to me!





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