Ernest Moeran

For some reason, claim that this name is incorrect and that 'Ernest John Moeran' is the right name-form. But he was actually called Ernest John Smeed Moeran... and no-one's claiming that the 'Smeed' is compulsory! So why the 'John' is claimed to be essential, I have no idea. It is true that he apparently liked to call himself, and liked others to call him, 'Jack' above anything else: if you claim that 'Jack' is a diminutive form of 'John', that perhaps makes the 'John' bit compulsory after all. I'm not buying it, though! To make matters less clear, the official entry in my copy of New Grove lists him as Moeran, E(rnest) J(ohn). The brackets suggest we call him only by his initials... which is definitely not the appropriate course of action. The short version is, if you insist on adding in the 'John', it's probably OK to do so, but it's added verbiage that seems unnecessary to me.





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