Ernst von Dohnányi

This composer was grandfather to the perhaps rather better-known conductor. He was born in what was Hungary, but would now be considered Slovakia, and there is a Hungarian version of his name: Dohnányi Ernö. However, it wasn't a name he used himself on his compositions. So whilst the New Grove does list him under his Hungarian name, I'm nevertheless going to take the unusual step of disagreeing with New Grove!

IMSLP also lists him under his Hungarian name, but one look at an original title page of pretty much any of his works tells you they're wrong, too!

Definitely incorrect is, however, with an entry for someone called "Ernõ Dohnányi". That's completely the wrong diacritic on the 'o' in his first name, and it's just careless silliness. Fortunately, that entry only has a few hundred listeners. Naturally, because this is we're talking about, there is yet another entry for the same composer spelled with the correct diacritic, but still with only 400 or so listeners. The German version of him (spelled correctly, though with an inane capital V for the 'von': it should definitely be lower-case!) has over 3,500 listeners... so, again, unusually on this occasion, I'm going with the majority at, though without their bonkers capitalisation error!

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