Giacomo Puccini the Elder

This is the great-great-grandfather of the Puccini we all know and love, born in 1712 and died in 1781.

He has exactly the same names as his more famous great-great-grandson, except that the great-great-grandson has 'Secondo' buried in one of his middle names, as the Italian equivalent, I suppose, of 'Junior' 🙂 In the USA, the convention tends to be to add Roman numerals to the end of names, so that (for example) Bill Gates is actually William Henry Gates III: in like manner, the writer of Tosca could conceivably be called Giacomo Puccini II and his great-great-grandfather would therefore probably deserve to be called Giacomo Puccini I. But this use of Roman numerals is a ghastly USA pretension (reserved, on this side of the Atlantic, only for reigning monarchs!): so, rather than go that route, I've gone for the designation here of 'Elder' (I suppose 'Senior' would have done, too). The New Grove makes no attempt to distinguish the two scions of the family, other than to number this one '1' and the great-great-grandson '5' (there were a bunch of other musical Puccinis in the family in between!)

So 'the Elder' has no sanction by Grove, but something is needed to tell the two apart, and that's the differentiator I'm running with!

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