Nikolay Andreyevich Roslavets

Once again, we encounter the treacherous waters that are Russian-to-English transliterations! The '-ay' ending of his first name (rather than, say, Nikolai as given by Wikipedia) is as per the New Grove. That same source has his patronymic without bracketing or other indications of optionality (whereas for Shostakovich, for example, the Dmitriyevitch is bracketed). Accordingly, all three names should be used and the name shown here is the 'correct' one to use when cataloguing his music (most of which is chamber music of the sonata or piano kind, though there are a couple of very good violin concertos, too).

He was born in the Ukraine in 1881 and died in Moscow in 1944. Despite his place of birth, he is considered a fully Russian composer. He was, indeed, the premier Russian composer of the 1920s... but his advocacy of Schönberg, serialism and similar 'bourgeois' traits put him in bad odour with the Soviet authorities of the 1930s and his named was accordingly dropped from Soviet dictionaries and music programmes after 1930.

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