Talivaldis Kenins

Hmm. This one is problematic, because of the numerous and rather unusual diacritics that can accompany his name: Tālivaldis Ķeniņš is the usual "alternative" version of his name. The issue is that he was, and declared himself to be, a Canadian composer -and Canadians, at least of the English-speaking variety, aren't known to be big users of diacritic marks! But he was born in Latvia, where prolific use of diacritics is hardly unusual. So which way to jump? Well, Wikipedia lists him in full diacritic glory... but Last.fm does not... and, somewhat unusually, doesn't have 38 different varieties of spelling of the same guy's name, either! The New Grove goes diacritic-less, too: and since my edition of it was published whilst the guy was still alive, I think we can take that as being mostly definitive on the matter. Plain English (or Canadian!) spelling it is, then!




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