Operas of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is an extract from the complete Mozart catalogue, detailing only those works classed as being operas or similar musico-dramatic works (regardless of whether that's opera buffa, opera seria or any other possible variations on the operatic theme). The listing is complete and the DZ numbers are finalised and therefore definitive

  • It is certainly open to debate as to whether Mozart's re-orchestration of Handel's Alexander's Feast counts as 'operatic' in this context: the original is usually called an 'ode', though it can also be thought of as an oratorio. For the purposes of this catalogue, however, its strong dramatic narrative has compelled me to regard it as more operatic than anything else! Similar categorisation questions could be raised about Mozart's re-working of Handel's Acis and Galatea, which can variously be described as a masque, serenata or opera. Handel himself called it a 'little opera', however, so I'm sticking to classifying Mozart's re-working of it accordingly!
  • Similar categorization issues apply to a handful of 'drammatic arias', such as Al desio, di chi t'adora: composed to replace what is now regarded as a more 'standard' aria in La nozze di Figaro, it's a 'vocal piece' that is clearly operatic in nature and intent... but equally is clearly not an opera in its own right. I've nevertheless decided that such works should be categorised as operatic in nature rather than as purely vocal works.

Dizwell #K⁶WorknameWork KeyShort NotesDate Composed : Incipit : Excerpt : Long Notes : Owned :
Dizwell #K⁶WorknameWork KeyShort NotesDate Composed : Incipit : Excerpt : Long Notes : Owned :

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