A New Catalogue of the works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

The following table lists all currently known works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, along with their assigned 'Köchel' (or 'K') numbers which are pretty much universally used to identify specific pieces. Since there have been several versions of the Köchel catalogue, I list both the original Köchel number and that assigned in the 6th edition in the K¹ and K⁶ columns respectively. All K numbers have been padded with leading zeroes, to permit them to sort in ascending/descending numerical order properly.

The default organising principle of this list is, however, the new 'Dizwell' (or DZ) numbers of my own devising. DZ numbers and their purpose are explained in detail here, but the short version is that it is difficult to organise historic documents in a correct chronological order when knowledge of the chronology is incomplete or erroneous. It is also difficult to work with a catalogue that has assigned three different numbers to the same work as a result of multiple editions of the catalogue. Dizwell numbers are assigned on the basis of the ordering found in K⁶, but within broad thematic categories. Should a later edition of the Köchel catalogue add new works or re-order works, the Dizwell numbers will be added to but never re-ordered.

The table is searchable (for example, type 'figaro' in the search box to find that opera. Or type '292' to find (amongst other things!), the entry for K292). The green '+' button that starts each row can be clicked to reveal the incipit and an audio excerpt from the work in question. Click the red '-' button at the start of a row to hide that additional information for a work. The ‘owned’ column is there simply to remind me whether I own a recording of that work or not!

In addition to this 'everything' catalogue listing, you can access the individual thematic sections as follows:

Dizwell #K⁶WorknameWork KeyShort NotesDate Composed : Incipit : Excerpt : Long Notes : Owned :
Dizwell #K⁶WorknameWork KeyShort NotesDate Composed : Incipit : Excerpt : Long Notes : Owned :