Symphonies of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

This is an extract from the complete Mozart catalogue, detailing only those works classed as 'symphonic' in nature. The listing is complete and all Dizwell number assignments are therefore now final and definitive.

  • Two symphonies once thought to be by Mozart are now known not to be (DZ 01054 and DZ 01055): no incipits or audio excerpts are therefore provided for those works. Symphony No. 37 is now also known to not be by Mozart, but by Michael Haydn. It is therefore left out of this list entirely. The slow introduction Mozart wrote for Haydn's symphony (which is therefore a genuinely original work) is listed as an orchestral piece DZ 04058.
  • There are, canonically, only 41 numbered symphonies by Mozart -but he wrote several more in the 1770s which, although early works, are now conventionally numbered 42 and above. They thus appear 'out of order' in the list, since it is organised on a chronological basis within each thematic section.
  • Somewhat awkwardly, Köchel originally catalogued Symphony No. 50 twice -once for the entire work and again with a separate catalogue entry for the last movement of the symphony on its own (since the symphony was constructed from two movements from the overture to the opera Il sogno di Scipione and the third movement was a fresh composition). Thus Symphony No. 50 appears twice in the list which follows, with one listing representing the entire symphony and the second only representing its last movement.
  • As of January 2019, Symphony No. 56 is the only one of Mozart's never to have been recorded: there is thus no audio excerpt for that symphony, though an incipit has been provided.
Dizwell #K⁶WorknameWork KeyShort NotesDate Composed : Incipit : Excerpt : Long Notes : Owned :
Dizwell #K⁶WorknameWork KeyShort NotesDate Composed : Incipit : Excerpt : Long Notes : Owned :

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