Choppy Waters...

I find myself in a bit of a pickle of my own devising!

Back at the start of the year, I acquired a nice, new server and stuck TrueNAS on it (an 'appliance variant' of FreeBSD, run through a web interface). I then migrated this website off a Linux server I've used since 2014 or thereabouts and installed it into a FreeBSD 'jail' running on that machine (FreeBSD jails being that operating system's equivalent of KVM on Linux or Hyper-V on Windows: the OS's 'native', built-in and free virtualisation technology. As can be told from the fact that you're reading these words now, it's pretty obvious that everything converted across nicely and has been running well ever since. So, what's the issue?

The issue is that I've built myself a beautiful 4-masted model frigate and cleverly inserted it into a lovely bottle... and now cannot extract the one from the other!

That is to say, it is apparently possible to migrate a BSD jail from one server to another (though whether this advice from nearly 15 years ago still works, I have yet to discover!), so if my current server blows up, I should be able to recover to a new one. But this is not a technology with which I'm overly familiar, and in any case what you are allowed to do at the FreeBSD command line is definitely frowned upon in the context of the web-controlled 'appliance' that is TrueNAS. So my confidence in being able to do this is quite low and in any case, jails merely move from one BSD-type server to another: so, I would appear to have hitched my cart to the BSD juggernaut for ever more, which is not quite what I had in mind when I thought TrueNAS was a good idea!

What I am currently trying to do therefore, so far with mixed success, is to migrate the website off the TrueNAS server and onto a Linux server of some kind: I am much more familiar with WordPress-on-Linux and have plenty of experience moving a website from (say) Debian to Fedora to CentOS to Ubuntu. Unfortunately, given the size of this site and the state of my available hardware, the experiments so far in this undertaking have been mostly abject failures. Moreover, each time I try, this website has to go offline for a while. Regular visitors may have noticed its availability bouncing up and down like the proverbial Yo-Yo in the past couple of days. Unfortunately, there's going to be a few more days of that sort of thing until I either (a) succeed in the migration or (b) give up on trying to do it. I'll keep you posted, but in the meantime, my apologies for fitful availability as I try and navigate myself out of the all-constraining BSD bottle I've sailed myself into...

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