I'm back...

Well, it took a couple of days longer than anticipated... and my new "server room" is currently (and temporarily!) the laundry, but if you're reading this, you'll have worked out that I am indeed back on line and things are working OK.

In ten or so days' time, electricians are supposed to be turning up to electrify the loft space. I have no idea how long that will take. Once it's done, the server will be taken offline for as brief a period as I can manage, allowing it to be hauled into its final, permanent location in the loft. That will be fun: the new loft lacks dedicated loft stairs, so it will be a matter of balancing precariously at the top of a stepladder whilst holding on with one hand and balancing a very heavy server in the other. Fun times ahead, then!

The move has been a bit arduous, to be honest -though that's probably mostly a consequence of advancing age. The particular problem has been trying to fit the contents of a five bedroom 1930s house into a 3-bed 1990s place: it's been a tight squeeze! However, the new place is likely to be worth it in the end:

Gloriously flat Lincolnshire has plenty of sheep, potatoes and friendly locals: a move long overdue, basically!