Moving on...

After nearly six years living in Nottingham, we've decided it's time to move on. Our house has, in fact, already sold (but the English system of house purchase means that "sold" doesn't have a really good definition: either party can pull out, for any reason, right up until the time money hits your bank account!). We therefore find ourselves now doing frequent day-trips to Norfolk and Suffolk, our preferred new counties of potential habitation. Unfortunately, we haven't yet found a suitable replacement for the place we are shortly to be required to move out of, so further day-trips are required.

That, in turn, means little time is presently available for software development, so the new Niente is likely to be delayed a bit. Sorry about that.

There's also a bit of a cloud on the horizon in that, if I have to change Internet Service Provider, the way the website currently wortks will have to change. It's early days, so I'm hoping my existing provider will yet be able to transition to whatever new home we come up with, including the fixed IP address that makes access to this website possible currently. Should that look unlikely, there'll be the mucky business of moving everything already here to a third-party Virtual Private Server supplier. Expect some disruptions in that event!

It's all a bit of a way off for now, though, so this is more by way of a heads-up explanation for my present state of distractedness!