Hi-Res Audio - Part 56

I hate to keep banging on about hi-res audio formats (especially when I am not keen on them myself), but now that AUAC can do DSF as well as ISO conversions (see my last post), some interesting things have come out of the woodwork that needed tackling. It's also the case that as lockdown finally eases, this will likely draw to a close a period of time in which I obsess about software and not a lot else... so, it's probably best to get these things out of the way whilst there's not a lot else to be doing!

First off is the question of why AUAC treats SACD ISOs differently from SACD DSFs. In other words, when you say auac -i=iso, you have to specify -o=hires if you want high resolution FLAC files extracted from the source SACD ISO (otherwise you get standard resolution ones)... but, if you say auac -i=dsf, you don't (you'll get hi-res ones by default). [...] 

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Hi-Res Audio Software – Part 3 : CAO

A short follow-up on the last post.

I mentioned that all my software scripts were now fully updated and capable of working with hi-res audio files... except that CAO, whilst perfectly happy merging per-track hi-res FLACs into single composition-at-once hi-res FLACs was unable to reverse the process (whereas, for standard CD-audio resolution FLACs, the processes are completely reversible in either direction). [...] 

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Hi-Res Audio Software - Part 2

To re-cap: I'm not a fan of hi-res audio (i.e., anything with sampling rates and bit-depth greater than standard CD audio) myself, but I recognise that other people are, and for them my music management/playing software tools could usefully be modified to work with hi-res FLAC files. Accordingly, I have added the ability to play hi-res FLACs to AMP (version 1.19 and above). Additionally, I adjusted AUAC (version 2.05 and above) so that it could convert an SACD ISO to a hi-res FLAC, or convert a hi-res FLAC to a standard-res one.

Today, I bring the equivalent hi-res functionality to all my other tools. [...] 

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