A couple of changes...

You will perhaps have noticed a dramatic change to the 'look and feel' of the website: the result of getting bored with what had been the look-and-feel for nearly 2 years, I'm afraid! I've gone minimal and, I hope, more 'punchy' and easier to read in consequence.

There may be a few colour/font tweaks and twiddles in the days and weeks to come, but I think most of the disruption is done and dusted.

The second (quite big) change is that the site has now acquired a 'Current Listening' page, where I'll record what music I'm listening to at any given moment, its cover art and whatever I've catalogued as its performers. I found posting this information on the TalkClassical forum pages quite helpful for focusing my thoughts and energies on what I'm listening to, rather than let it just become 'background'. I also found what other people were listing there as their current 'listens' to be quite useful guides to new repertoire -indeed, to entirely new composers. I figure if I do the same thing here, someone might find it useful in the same sort of way.I don't guarantee to post everything I listen to there: little motets that take just 6 or 7 minutes to play probably won't be worth it, for example. But anything substantial I listen to will appear there -and perhaps some commentary or observations if I'm feeling particularly discursive!

Sadly, I cannot continue posting at TalkClassical, because its moderators and I do not quite see eye-to-eye on how to call out the troll-like posting of others in a timely manner. Leaving there is rather sad, because some of the people there were really good to get to chat to (though, unfortunately, the usual rules of the Internet apply: many of the denizens there were unmitigated shills and trolls and will do your head in, if you let them!)

Anyway, the new page replaces the forum functionality I really liked, and I hope you find it useful. Other main menu items have moved around a bit, but otherwise, I hope you'll find the site is in much the same usable state as it ever was. Let me know if you encounter errors or other issues.

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