Advanced Notice: Temporary Interruption To Service

On Monday 18th July 2022 and Tuesday 19th July 2022, the bit of the cold, grey and damp United Kingdom in which I've chosen to live (!) will experience peak temperatures of potentially 38° Celsius (the old 100° Fahrenheit).

For myself, this is bad enough (I much prefer -6°C and an open fire!).

For my servers sitting in the insulated, but window-less, loft, this is extremely bad news... and rather than risk my hardware melting under load, I've decided to shut them all down for the entirety of the two days. Oh, for the Australian days of air conditioning!!

So: sorry about that, but this website will be inaccessible for those two days. Normal service will resume on Wednesday 20th July, as temperatures plummet to a much more reasonable 21°C.