When will you make an end?

I just wanted to offer a further update on the progress of Giocoso Version 2, as I'd originally hoped (and possibly promised!) that it would be out by the end of June... and I can tell you now that that's a target date that isn't going to happen!

The short version is, that it's coming along nicely and though release dates have slipped, I think we're looking only a couple more weeks before final release. Unfortunately, I keep finding something new to tweak and fiddle with: I've had to implement a development freeze to stop that sort of mission creep becoming a habit!

I am reminded of the 1965 film, The Agony and the Ecstasy, in which the Pope continually berates Michelangelo for taking too long to paint the Sistine Chapel. He repeatedly demands of him, 'When will you make an end?', to which Michelangelo coolly replies, 'When I am finished'. Yeah... we're in that sort of territory at the moment, though Giocoso is no artist Wonder of the World, I realise!

When I am finished... but I nearly am 🙂