The Classical CD Ripper, Version 3

The Classical CD Ripper (CCDR) has been updated and a new version (Version 3.0, for anyone keeping count!) is now available for download. Upgrading consists of merely deleting your existing copy of the shell script, downloading the new one in its place, and remembering to make it executable (chmod +x

The changes from the previous version are extensive. Out goes all the coloured text and other attempts to prettify its output: it’s a text-based application, so deal with it!

Out,

A Universal Audio Converter

This blog post’s title is a bit of a stretch! For starters, I almost exclusively use FLAC audio files for my primary music store, so my need to be able to handle other audio formats is not exactly great. Still less do I need to handle so many different audio formats that you could describe a tool that handles them all as truly ‘universal’!

But I do have need to create MP3 copies of my FLAC music files -because I upload them to OneDrive and am able to play them from Read More...

Lockdown Tasks

As we are all now experiencing ‘lockdown woes’, I decided I had time enough on my hands for it to be worthwhile for me to look again at my various bits of music management software. The Classical CD Ripper and Tagger scripts accordingly got a work-over: little tweaks to make each program work slightly more in ways that suit me than not! I use the Tagger program on a daily basis, so it’s important to me that it works efficiently, which I think it now does 🙂

I then tackled the

Windows Music Players

I am old enough to remember that my first experiences of listening to serious music on serious equipment involved visits to my brother-in-law and borrowing his component hifi for the afternoon!

I “progressed” from that to, in the late eighties, listening on my very own ‘integrated’ hifi (which, given my income levels at the time, was pushing the term ‘hifi’ to its limits, I now realise!)

So what does the listening equipment look like in these days of digital Read More...