Semplice Version 2 - The User Manual

Semplice Version 2 is a FLAC manager for large digital collections of classical music. It helps you control the various 'lifecycle stages' of digital music files: from ripping them off a CD or SACD, to tagging them with appropriate metadata and album art. Semplice Version 2 can also boost the volume of your ripped tracks, if they've been mastered too quietly for some reason. Finally, if you want to, Semplice Version 2 will merge your per-track FLACs into a single 'SuperFLAC', where one file contains all the music for a particular recorded work. It can also split the tracks back out, should you ever need to do so.

Semplice Version 2 is a replacement for the original Semplice, not an upgrade to it. You install Semplice Version 2 fresh: the original Semplice will remain on your hard disk and can continue to be used, if you really want to. You can, however, manually remove the original Semplice whenever it suits: meanwhile, the two Semplice versions will co-exist on the same PC perfectly happily. The principle changes between the two versions are, in brief, that Semplice Version 2 now handles CD and SACD ripping; the user interface works with a proper menuing system and one-key presses; data input is handled by proper user-input forms; and a lot of general and minor bug-fixes and enhancements to its internal working have been applied.

Semplice runs on Linux (both on x86 and ARM CPU architectures) and on Windows 10 or 11 that have installed the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2). It does not run on OS X, probably (it might do, if the right version of Bash is installed, but it's not been tested and definitely isn't supported).

The links below take you to the various sections of the Semplice User Manual, where you will find extensive documentation on how to install and use it.

If you are new to Semplice, I'd strongly advise reading the whole thing, in sequence; if you are in a hurry, at least read sections 2 and 3 (Installing the program and the Quick Start Guide).

  1. What is Semplice?
  2. Operating System Support and Installing Semplice
  3. Semplice - A Quick Start Guide
  4. Ripping Standard Audio CDs
  5. Ripping SACDs
  6. Tagging FLACs
  7. SuperFLACs
  8. Audio Processing
  9. The Persistent Configuration File
  10. Software Updates
  11. Changelog (What's New Since Version 2.00)

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