Another Giocoso Update

Just when I thought I'd got away with not having to do lots of updates to Giocoso, I found another bug in the Stats report. This time, it's a really silly one, based on a flawed piece of selection logic in the program's code.

The short version is: the Stats report was computing the number of things that have yet to be played by looking for composition names known to exist, but which haven't yet been recorded as played. That *almost* works (because we're talking about the 'extended composition name', which therefore includes the actual composition name, plus the 'significant artist' making the recording, plus the year of recording... so that combo is fairly unique). But it's not perfect, under edge cases I won't bore you with.

The net result is that the Stats report would always get the total number of recordings in each time-slice correct, but would be prone to mis-counting how many of them were unplayed. That has now been corrected.

The Giocoso version nudges upwards to 1.02 as a result. Hopefully it will stay there for a good few months now (but you know what herding cats can be like!)

Upgrading is easily done by issuing the command:

giocoso --checkver

…which will prompt for the sudo password so that the freshly-downloaded version can be installed into /usr/bin correctly.