Giocoso Version 3.03 Released

Another tiny bug-fix in Giocoso has been released, bumping the program version to 3.03.

This time, it's a very minor correction to the way the program pauses and resumes music playback: if no music was being played when the pause request is made, then the program would output nasty-looking (but ultimately harmless) error messages from the operating system. Now, the pause/resume function tests that music is actually being played before trying to do something: net result, error messages are no longer produced and the program display remains 'pretty'!

The changelog has the relevant details, as ever. Upgrading to the latest Giocoso version is recommended but not exactly essential: just take the Administration menu, Option 4 and follow the prompts. Once the update has been downloaded and applied, quit and re-start Giocoso to make sure it's picked up and applied correctly.