If you can read this...

Welcome to Hungary!

That is to say, I've moved the website from my loft in drizzly Nottingham to a server located somewhere in (presumably!) sunny Hungary. If you're reading this: the web server move has been a success!

The move was necessitated by the fact that our house sale (and ensuing house purchase) are progressing apace and we've been told to expect a move will be imminent either at the very end of April or the very beginning of May. If we can coordinate the buy of the new house with the sale of the existing one, then great: a single move from one to the other will probably mean downtime on the original web server would have been a matter of a few hours. But there's a good chance we will sell before our purchase goes through -and that means moving into a temporary rental of some sort and that would mean the web server might be down for months.

Accordingly, I thought it better to put the server 'in the cloud', rather than my loft, to spare it the vagaries of house move chains! Once all the house-moving dust has settled, it's likely I'll repatriate the web server once more. That could be months hence, however.

Hopefully, everything works as it did before, but there's always the possibility of user error on my part! Feel free to let me know if you encounter any pages that don't work or links that appear to have broken in the transition.