One down...

Last time, I reported how the new Niente program had helped reveal a lot of cataloguing mistakes I'd made with my music collection, over the years.

In particular, there was this not-so-little statistic:

...which tells you that even after I ran my album art fixup script against my collection, I was left with 948 recordings with non-square, over-sized or under-sized artwork.

Well, it's now 6 days later and I can happily report:

Yup: all 1000ish problems resolved! Which makes me happy.

There are of course other issues, previously mentioned, albeit in passing. First and foremost: concertos are labelled with their soloist in the ALBUM tag, but have acquired the conductor's name as their PERFORMER tag. There are 2,100+ of those! So: there will be Parts 2 and more of the 'we have a problem series"... but, at least, this one is dealt with!

I'll mention in passing that fixing up those 900-odd album art issues obviously involved trawling the Internet for better examples of album art than I already had -a 1400x1400 image, for example, insttead of the 200x200 one I was already using. What I noticed doing that in 2023, compared to when I last remember doing a similar exercise in about 2011, is that the range and quality of album art has improved hugely in that time. Recordings I remember spending tens of minutes trying to find something usable back in the early 2010s now come up with very usable artwork in mere seconds, no matter how obscure the recording might be. Now is, therefore, a great time to get good-quality album artwork. The technical limitations that arose from a world on poor dialup Internet, or expensive cable connections, seem to have passed -and that's a great thing!