Installation Notes for Giocoso 3 on openSUSE Tumbleweed

OpenSUSE is an off-shoot (of sorts) of the SUSE Enterprise Linux server distro: it uses the same binaries that the Enterprise Linux (i.e., expensive!) version uses, but adds a wrapper of user-friendly tools around them.

The openSUSE distro itself comes in two distinct 'flavours': Leap and Tumbleweed. Leap is a 'static release': you get one new release per year with security updates and bug fixes released whenever needed. Until the next new release, however, the distro keeps the versions of software packages it shipped with: you might get LibreOffice 7.5.6 and 7.5.7, but you won't get 8.0 until the next major release. Tumbleweed, on the other hand, is a 'rolling release' distro, meaning that it's packages are updated in a more-or-less continuous manner and are therefore always fairly modern and up-to-date. This suits Giocoso perfectly, which is therefore happy to install and run on Tumbleweed with few issues (though see below!)

Because of limitations with zypper, OpenSuse's command-line software installer, Giocoso must install its software prerequisites in two 'bites'. The first one installs an audio library called Jack, which will trigger a prompt to either not install it or to remove an existing library of older vintage: you should select the option (1) to remove the built-in package and replace it with the newer one:

The rest of the software installation is automated and will not pose problems. When finally playing music, however, the visual results are not great:

The 'solarised' version of the in-terminal album art is not what you want to see! You can, of course, take the Administration menu, Option 3 and set 'Attempt to fix album art display' to yes. Re-starting Giocoso then yields this result:

...which is a bit better, though far from perfect.

An alternative approach is to do a sudo zypper install konsole, where 'Konsole' is KDE's default terminal which (generally speaking) knows how to do in-terminal graphics properly. Of course, if you're running the KDE version of Tumbleweed in the first place, Konsole will already be present on your system. Either way, once you can run Konsole, you can edit the desktop launcher for Giocoso so that it reads as follows:

...which is to say, get rid of all mentions of 'xterm' and its associated runtime parameters and simply ask the launcher to run Konsole and execute the Giocoso shell script within it. Do that, and then launch Giocoso with the revised launcher, and you'll see this:

...which is album art done properly!

Short version: the Giocoso install requires more interaction than I'd like, and the album art display needs to be tweaked, but otherwise, the program runs acceptably well.

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