Offline Warning!

Just a short note to advise that at some point today, we're having solar panels fitted. That means the electricity will have to be turned off for (so we are told) "a number of hours". That in turn means the web server hosting this site will... er, stop hosting it, for a number of hours!

The short version is: I'll have to go off-line at some point today, but normal service should resume a few hours thereafter.

Updated: The power didn't need to go off today after all: it apparently takes longer to install 9.something KW/h of solar panels than even the experts were expecting. It's probably going off tomorrow, therefore (Friday 14th July, at an indeterminate time, for an indeterminate period...).

‡Updated Again: Well, the weather has turned somewhat inclement, so the roofer doing the solar panels is not inclined to get up there today. And the electrician doing the wiring up cannot synchronise his next week's schedule with the roofing guy. So, the solar panels remain resolutely uninstalled (Friday 14th) and may remain so indefinitely until the trailing part of next week or even beyond. I will give up trying to update this website with outage warnings, therefore: the workers and the weather are not making it a useful exercise! Just be aware the site may mysteriously be unavailable for several hours at an unspecified time some time during the next 10 days or so!