A minor detail...

I am old-school. I remember doing X server stuff in 1987. I like X Server. The ability to pipe a desktop across the ends of the Earth, courtesy of X and a bit of Ethernet never ceases to amaze me.

But X is old-hat, not just old-school and Wayland is the new kid on the block, stealing its milk money and cigarettes.

And Semplice doesn't like it!

Specifically, Semplice has long had the ability to ask you for the Composition Name when you're tagging -and, if you are sitting in a folder that is named the same as you'd want the composition name to be tagged, you simply pressed Ctrl+Shift+Insert and have the folder name copied into the composition name prompt. It was nice and quick and saved a lot of (re) typing, given that you'd already spent time and effort getting the physical folder name correct in the first place. Unfortunately, a lot of Linux distros these days are switching to using Wayland as the default display server, rather than X... and, as it turns out (and I've just learnt at first hand!), the Ctrl+Shift_Insert trick doesn't work on Wayland.

In my own specific case, I've simply made sure to click the option to use the X Server on the distro login screen:

The "Plasma X11" option there means "Use an X server", and that means Semplice works as it always did.

In Wayland, I'm reduced to manually copying-and-pasting the last bit of the physical folder name displayed at the top of the Semplice screen when submitting a composition name:

Here, you see me highlighting the last bit of the 'You are in' path/folder name displayed at the top of the screen, right-clicking to copy (and then I'll right-click and paste, to answer the 'Name this composition' prompt).

It's not ideal. I hope Wayland (still under heavy development) will fix this recursion of functionality, but I'm not going to be holding my breath (specifically, xclip doesn't work under Wayland). If I can alternatively find a workaround, I'll incorporate it into the next version bump of Semplice ...but I wouldn't be holding my breath for that, either. As I say, I myself have been reduced to ensuring I log on using the "old" and disfavoured display server in order to preserve Semplice functionality.

I guess they call this progress!

Talking of progress: I have a sort-of Alpha version of Giocoso version 3 in barely-functioning state:

I'm not sure anyone's going to appreciate the subtlety here without me spelling it out: but that's a graphical display of the playing album art being displayed within the text console in which Giocoso is running. At present, Giocoso launches a separate window in which to display album art; here, it's displayed within the text console running the main program. God bless img2sixel!

Unfortunately, this is currently only apparently working in KDE's Konsole command line utility. It doesn't display correctly in xterm, Gnome Terminal or anything else I've tried... which might mean this is a dead-end that's not worth pursuing. Time will tell.