Semplice Version 2 - Ripping

Semplice now includes a CD ripping functionality. The rip is basic, in the sense that it doesn't try to do any metadata or album art fetching: for classical music, all Internet-sourced metadata is complete rubbish and you'll end up spending more time correcting it than you would in simply typing it in from scratch in the first place.

Basic it may be, however, but it is still accurate: the ripper uses the cdparanoia tool to ensure that defective parts of a source CD are read and re-read as many times as needed to arrive at a 'true' output. Technically, there's a default limit of 40 reads before declaring an un-fixable read error: without this, the CD would spin forever, never quite being read correctly! That default number of re-reads should be enough for most relatively undamaged CDs to complete in reasonable time, but you can set READ_RETRIES in the Semplice configuration file to any lower or higher number that suits your purposes, if you want or need to. [...] 

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