Semplice - The FLAC Manager

Semplice is a digital manager for FLAC files, particularly for FLACs of classical music.

It enables easy tagging of FLAC files with metadata about composers, compositions, performers, album art and so on. It makes simple the process of converting per-track FLAC files into per-recording 'superFLAC' files, or splitting a superFLAC back out into per-track files. It can analyse your FLACs and determine whether they could benefit from a volume boost and will, if told to do so, apply a non-distorting volume boost to particularly quiet recordings. Finally, Semplice also happily converts between eight different input audio codecs (such as MP3, DSF, WMA, OGG and so on) to seven different output codecs.

Version 1.0 was released on 20th October 2022 and runs on Linux, Windows 10 and 11 and most versions of macOS.


2.0 Product Documentation

Click here to view the complete set of user manual web pages for Semplice version 1.0.

3.0 Quick Start Guide

3.1 Installation

On Windows and macOS there are quite a few preparatory steps to take to make your operating system capable of running Semplice, before you can even run the Semplice installer. Please see the full product documentation for details (see, especially, Section X for macOS and Y for Windows). On Linux, you should be able to go straight for the Semplice installation itself, which is simply a matter of opening a terminal session and typing the commands:

bash abc_installer --semplice

Once installed, run the program from the command prompt by simply typing semplice in a folder full of digital music files. The program's main menu will then be displayed and you can perform any of Semplice's digital music management functions by taking any one of the numbered menu options that are shown to be available. Type 'q' to exit the program with tag-cleaning automatically applied; or type 'x' to exit the program without any tag-cleaning processes being run.

3.2 Software Updates

You should periodically check for software updates with the command:

semplice --checkver

New versions of Semplice and the various bug fixes and new features they contain will be described in the program's Changelog.

3.3 Uninstallation

Should you ever wish to delete the program, simply run the command:

sudo rm /usr/bin/semplice.*

On macOS, the command is slightly different:

sudo rm /usr/local/bin/semplice.*

Program configuration information is stored in $HOME/.local/share/semplice, so complete uninstallation of the software also requires deletion of that folder.

[Product Documentation (version 1.x)]