Semplice - The User Manual

Semplice is the FLAC manager for large digital collections of classical music. It can be used to tag your music files with meaningful metadata including album artwork; to boost the volume in audio files that have been mastered too quietly for whatever reason, without introducing distortion or affecting the relative loudness of different parts of a recording; and to convert multiple per-track FLAC files into single 'SuperFLAC' files, containing within themselves all the audio signal from multiple source files.

These links take you to the various sections of the Semplice User Manual, where you will find extensive documentation on how to install and use it.

If you are new to Semplice, I'd strongly advise reading the whole thing, in sequence; if you are in a hurry, at least read sections 2 and 3 (Installing the program and the Quick Start Guide).

  1. What is Semplice?
  2. Installing Semplice
  3. Semplice - A Quick Start Guide
  4. Semplice's Tagging Model
  5. SuperFLACs
  6. Volume Boosting
  7. Audio Codec Transformations
  8. The Persistent Configuration File
  9. Runtime Parameters
  10. Changelog (What's New Since Version 1.00)

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