Installing Semplice

1.0 Introduction

Installing Semplice on any operating system (or Linux distro, come to that) is a simple and standard affair, consisting of four basic steps:

  • Obtain the Absolutely Baching universal installation script
  • Run the script
  • Run Semplice for a first time
  • Install extra software dependencies

Once the extra software dependencies are satisfied, Semplice will run without drama thereafter. Since the steps are pretty much the same in all cases, with only the specifics of the needed extra software dependencies changing per-distro, I won't document in detail how to instal Semplice on every one of the 20+ distros I've tested it on: there's just a generic 'how to install on Linux' article linked to below.

That said, on Windows 10/11 and macOS (Sierra -> Monterey), special considerations apply: on both those platforms a lot of pre-installation configuration needs to take place in order for those operating systems to be able to provide the Bash-enabled environment Semplice needs. Those special steps are documented in articles linked to below, too.

2.0 Installing Semplice on...

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