The Loudness Wars...

Just a quick note to report that I've just released a couple of software fixes related to the problem of sub-optimal loudness levels in music files ripped from CDs or other sources.

Firstly, MAXV has been bumped to version 1.08, because of the addition of a tiny bux-fix that stops the grep utility sometimes thinking that what it's being asked for is a binary file rather than a text file. It's not a major deal, and if you choose not to upgrade, you probably won't be missing out on much, as the bug raises its head only exceptionally rarely. But, it's there if you want it. Run maxv --checkver to get it. [...] 

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Turning up the volume...

Before I accidentally wiped the web server that runs this site, I had been blogging about the problem of SACDs and the fact that they are often mastered with absolute peak volumes set to about 6dB quieter than they really should be (for technical reasons). I thus modified by AUAC audio converter program to automatically boost SACD rips by whatever it took to get the loudest track on a CD to be as loud as it could reasonably go without becoming distorted.

Which is fine for SACDs... but there are times you think to yourself (especially with some recordings on really old CDs) that the volume levels on even ordinary CDs aren't entirely what they should be. Whilst incorporating a volume boost into an SACD extraction tool is a good idea, a standalone volume boosting utility sounded like it might be quite useful, too! [...] 

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