Health Report…

Anyone paying attention to my listing of music I've been playing at home will have noticed that after playing at least half a dozen pieces a day (and often double that), I suddenly played nothing at all on 20th March and only managed a single play on 21st March, quite late in the evening.

I'm blaming Covid-19! Specifically, I was fortunate enough to receive my first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on the Friday 19th March. The jab happened around 3.30pm, so quite late in the day, and afterwards everything was fine... until I woke up at around 1.30am that night/next morning with a dead left arm, shoulder to wrist; shivering, headache and feeling, essentially, dreadful. These are known side-effects of the vaccine and, unlike the Euro-invented blood-clotting ones, are real and can be quite nasty. It probably felt like the worst 'flu I've had in years, and in consequence I dosed myself up on paracetamol and aspirin, went to bed and stayed there. I felt really bad throughout Saturday 20th (hence the non-playing of music), and felt intermittently bad on the Sunday 21st (and hence the solitary play of something quite late in the day on that date, too). [...] 

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