Tweaks and Twiddles

Another round of software tweaks and twiddles -mostly minor, some a little more significant.

First, AMP has been bumped a couple of notches to 1.16. It's mostly to do with a few colour tweaks, but also an annoying bug dealing with distros that don't have the 'bc' utility installed by default.  Those should all now work fine (so that's OpenSuse, Endeavour OS, Debian, Arch and Raspbian).

Second: I've written a new 'universal installer'. As always, it's simply a Bash script, downloadable as You can grab it purely at the command-line with the command:


Once downloaded it can be used to install any of my software packages by supplying the package name as a double-hyphen runtime switch. So, for example:

bash abc_installer --cao

...will download and install the Compositions-At-Once utility.


bash abc_installer --auac

...will install the Absolutely Baching Universal Audio Converter program, and so on.

There is also an --all switch that will grab all ten of my software scripts in one hit and will install all of them for you, should you not want to do them selectively.

All of the articles associated with each utility have been updated with the new installation steps.

Third, I have given AMP (the Absolutely Baching Music Player) a self-update capability (I'll add it to all the other utilities in due course, but it's not there yet -and AMP is the one script undergoing aggressive development at the moment, making it more appropriate that it can update itself rather more than would be true for most of the other scripts). Just invoke AMP with the --checkver switch and it will check to see if a new version of the program is available from this website and offer to install it if so. You can always decline the offer to update, and it won't hassle you about it if you do, but at least you'll know there is an update available. Meanwhile, if you let it, it will download the newer version and install it for you, entirely automatically. If there's no newer version available, it will simply drop back to the command line, from whence you can run it with command line options more suited for playing music.

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